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Alex + Mom Creations

Child's Imagination Plus Professional Art


When Alex was five, she saw me creating art for a charity auction to support children with a rare genetic disorder. Inspired to help, she grabbed her crayons and drew a magnificent lion-unicorn. This act of kindness filled my heart.Her creation was so precious. I digitally recreated her drawing, and together we submitted it for auction. Our 'mommy-daughter' artwork sold for $450USD, thrilling and further inspiring Alex. Now, Alex is eager to continue making a difference.


We have officially teamed up! Mommy and Daughter will donate 50% of our joint artwork profits to Alex's chosen charity. The rest goes into her future education fund.


About Kendra

I discovered that I loved... or rather needed art, when I was a teenager. After receiving a Bachelor Of Design Degree at the Alberta College (now University) of Arts and Design, I received a scholarship to study art in Manhattan at The School of Visual Arts.

Upon finishing my studies I became an advertising art director in NYC. I created advertising campaign for a wide variety of clients, including Denny's, sunglass hut, Meijer, Duane Reade, Newmans Own, and Chobani Yogurt. 

Next stop on my journey; Cambodia. I moved across the world to join a marketing agency focused on humanitarian efforts. Some clients included Lucky Iron Fish, Friends International, Better Work Vietnam, and the United Nations.

In 2015, I returned to Canada to be with family, launching my career as an independent creative. Today, I lead Creations By Kendra, a versatile creative company specializing in illustration, design, and creative development.

Art Lessons

In 2016, I began offering private one-on-one art classes. In 2020, I joined Outschool as an Art and Design Instructor, where I've had the privilege of teaching thousands of learners! I can proudly say that I have taught people from age 3-95

My teaching covers a broad spectrum of art, including fundamental concepts like perspective, lighting, composition, color, and shading, as well as various drawing styles such as realism, cartooning, contour drawing, pointillism, and abstract art, using mediums like colored pencils and markers. I also teach watercolor and acrylic painting, as well as graphic design, advertising, and creative problem-solving.

During my classes, I lead by example, actively creating alongside my students.


Art is more than a valuable work place skill. It is a means of healthy self-expression, communication, and personal reflection. Through art, I instill the importance of patience and persistence, fostering both mental and emotional growth.

For one-on-one lessons, please contact me directly. For group classes, you can find my offerings on Outschool.


Art Lesson Reviews!

"Kendra turned my daughter from wondering if she could draw into an amazing beginner artist. She was kind, fun, and a great teacher. I highly recommend her."

- Zara

"My learner (12) has been taking art classes with Kendra for years now. She is an amazing artist and equally amazing teacher.

I'd recommend her both for art-y kids as well as kids just wanting to learn some technique."

- Shannon

"My daughter really enjoyed her class. Kendra has learned her style and works with her to enhance and improve it. My daughter looks forward to her class every week."

- Shirley

"Kendra Malcolm is a good art teacher who can bring out the best in their students. she take the time to know each student individually and intuitively know how to inspire and guide them. She encourage them to experiment, try out different materials and techniques and let them make their own discoveries. My daughter really enjoyed her session." 

- Sharmila

"You can tell Kendra loves what she does. She makes drawing fun and breaks everything down step by step."

- Michelle

"My daughter Sylvie is 8 and has learned so much in this class! Her drawings have improved so much. Miss Kendra is so friendly and always acknowledges and interacts with all of the students. Great class!"

- Bonnie

"Kendra is a wonderful, highly skilled art teacher, very patient with lots of different styles/skills to teach. My teen took drawing classes in person and on line for more than a year and greatly improved their drawing skills. Kendra presented a variety of projects, mediums and substrates with great aplomb. Would highly recommend her for kids, teens, and adults"

- Karen

"Our daughter’s taken 3 classes with her now, and has never felt either rushed or bored, waiting for a next step. It’s beautifully paced, and her frequent check-ins with her students ensure that no one falls behind. We also love that Kendra compliments her demonstrations with fascinating trivia about the subject they’re drawing. Our daughter will definitely be taking more classes with Kendra" 

- Dawn

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Celebrate With Personalized Art!

Custom Cartoons

Alex + Mom donates 50% of profits to help children in need.


Alex + Mom Art

My daughter asked to raise money to support children who are sick, suffering, or experiencing homelessness. I am so excited to help her do this through art!

Yes, I do paint pets!

Watercolour Animals

Perfect for party favours!

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Letter Art!

Get a custom tote bag, zipper case, or monster name print. Or, buy the digital PNG files!

Let's make something!


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Please email me, or send me a message below ,if you would like to customize your order, or if you are interested in commission based art. All art related inquiries are welcome. 

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