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Check Out Some Art Classes

For private classes, learners of all ages, please email me directly at

You can check out some of my popular outschool classes below

Classes ages 5-18

I teach a variety of art classes, techniques, mediums, and skill levels! Check it out. 

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Ages 6-9

Every week we will learn to draw a cute cartoon animal. We will also learn a little bit about each animals.

Live video classes

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Ages 14-18

In this semester long class I teach perspective, shading, lighting, drawing, rendering, watercolour and acrylic painting.


Live video classes

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Ages 13-18

Everyone draws their own thing at their own pace based on that weeks topic, prompt or technique.

Live video classes

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Ages 11-15

This class teaches drawing, painting, and creative thinking. Perfect for young artists.


Live video classes 

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Ages 12-18

In this drawing class we will learn how to shade with pen and pencil using a variety of professional illustration techniques.


Pre-recorded, self paced class.

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Free YouTube Tutorials!

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