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Using the unique monster alphabet, have your name on a zipper case, tote bag, stickers, or a print you can hang on the door. 


STEP 1: Choose a background for your letters. Either a BOX, a RIBBON, or a PLAQUE.


STEP 2: Pick up to 9 letters to go inside the background. Shorter names look better so for long names I recomend nick names. 


STEP 3: Pick the product you like. Either a print, 8x11 sticker sheet with 10 stickers, a zipper case, or a large tote bag


PLease note: Shorter names do look better, especially on the zipepr case. Keeping the name short allows for the letters to be larger and crisper. 

Monster Name

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  • To keep this product looking great, only wash when needed and follow the following instructions:

    1. Turn inside out. 2. Wash in cold water. 3. Hang to dry. 4. Do not iron